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Introduction to Botanical Art

Introduction to Botanical Art

Wednesday, June 24 / 10 am – 3 pm

Learn to create beautiful botanical illustrations in watercolor. This class offers step by step instruction, demonstrations and individualized help. No previous art experience necessary.

Instructor: Carroll Charlet

Ages: 15 and Up / All Levels

Required Supplies:

  • Basic watercolor paint set (Reeves or Richardson is fine) 
  • No 6 and No 8 watercolor brushes (or small and medium pointed watercolor brushes) 
  • Ten well round plastic pallet (or white dinner plate) 
  • Mechanical pencil 
  • Kneaded eraser 2 each 9”x12” pieces of arches watercolor paper* 
  • NOTE: paper can be purchased from instructor during class for $2 per sheet
June 24, 2015 10 am – 3 pm