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Watercolor on Aqua Board

Watercolor on Aqua Board

Sunday, October 16
10 am - 3 pm

Open up new possibilities with your watercolors by painting on Ampersand’s Aqua Board panels. Once complete, these paintings can then be sealed for protection, using either a cold wax or spray varnish, and framed without glass. In this class, students will understand how to prep the boards before painting, learn how easy it is to fix problem areas, how to keep washes smooth, and adding layers and values. A working knowledge of watercolors is preferred.

Sunday, October 16
10 am – 3 pm

Instructor: Ronnie Rector
Ages: Adult (15+) | Some watercolor experience preferred

Supplies List: Show email confirmation receipt at Nevada Fine Arts to receive a 10% discount.

  • Ampersand Aquabord panel, 8×10 – either flat or cradled
  • 2” to 3” Hake brush
  • Your usual watercolor supplies:
  • Professional-grade paints like Daniel Smith or M Graham preferred.
  • Palette for mixing colors, like a plate with edges or a 6×9 metal cookie sheet.
  • Watercolor Brushes: rounds and/or flats.
  • Try to bring good-sized brushes, like a size 10 round and/or a ½” flat.
  • Wide-mouthed container for water
  • Paper towels
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – original version, not with detergent
  • Pieces of scrap watercolor paper

Questions? Email me – ronnierector@yahoo.com

October 16, 2022 10 am – 3 pm