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H.O.W 4 Hip Hop

H.O.W 4 Hip Hop

Monday - Friday, July 25 - 29 
9 am - noon

Hands On Workshop 4 HipHop is an introductory workshop created by Nulyphe multimedia for implementing hip-hop culture using the five elements. The workshop is designed to integrate technology with Hiphop while building knowledge, understanding and encouraging group participation. In this 5 day camp, students will learn and walk away with knowing how to compose lyrics into a cohesive song and creating a beat to compliment their lyrics on the Museum School’s iPad Pro’s. In addition to creating a song, students will create artwork in the graffiti style to accompany their song. The class will have curated material by accredited individuals who pioneered and were on the forefront of hip-hop culture along with featuring local creatives to showcase the various career paths in this field. All materials are provided. 

Monday – Friday, July 25 – 29 
9 am – noon

Instructor: Jywanza Scott-Jackson
Ages: 12 – 18  | All Levels


Camps for Kids
July 25, 2022 9 am – noon