Current Exhibitions

The Horse

The Nevada Museum of Art is proud to present to our community The Horse, a comprehensive exhibition detailing the enduring bond between horses and... more »

through July 3, 2016

  • Art + Environment Gallery

    Cedra Wood: A Residency on Earth

    through May 15, 2016

    The paintings of Cedra Wood can be interpreted as fables: she uses a realistic approach to portray herself and others in exotic and fictionalized... more »

  • Feature Gallery North

    Horses in the American West

    through July 3, 2016

    Much like visual art, the enduring tradition of cowboy poetry is a rich and vital form of cultural expression in the American West. This... more »

  • Wayne and Miriam Prim Theater Lobby

    Don Dondero: A Photographic Legacy

    through July 10, 2016

    For nearly fifty years, Don Dondero was celebrated as one of Reno’s most notable and accomplished publicity photographers. From capturing civic celebrations and commercial... more »

  • Media Gallery

    Andy Diaz Hope & Jon Bernson: Beautification Machine

    through July 24, 2016

    Beautification Machine is an experiential artwork infused with mysticism and opacity. In the words of the artists, Diaz Hope and Bernson, Beautification Machine is... more »

  • Donald W. Reynolds Grand Hall

    Andrea Zittel: Wallsprawl

    through December 31, 2016

    Andrea Zittel’s Wallsprawl #4 (Las Vegas, Next to Nellis Air Force Base), is based on an aerial photograph of the southern Nevada military installation known... more »

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