Current Exhibitions

  • Sierra Nevada Gallery

    Larry Mitchell: The 1ºC Project

    through July 26, 2015

    Australian painter Larry Mitchell has been traveling to the South Pacific Islands since the late 1970s, and for more than twenty years sailing to... more »

  • Casazza Gallery

    Dave Eggers: Insufferable Throne of God

    through July 26, 2015

    Dave Eggers’ new drawings and paintings, created especially for this exhibition, feature strange, powerful images of animals, and plaintive text—much from the Old Testament.... more »

  • Small Works Gallery

    Tamara Kostianovsky: After Goya

    through July 26, 2015

    Responding to the tradition of still-life painting, Kostianovsky creates a three-dimensional sculptural representation of the butcher shop scene in Francisco de Goya’s 1808 painting... more »

  • Contemporary Gallery

    Betsabeé Romero: En Tránsito

    through July 26, 2015

    The Nevada Museum of Art presents artist Betsabeé Romero’s first solo museum exhibition in the western United States. One of the most revered Mexican... more »

  • Altered Landscape Gallery

    Robert Adams: A Road Through Shore Pine

    through July 26, 2015

    A Road Through Shore Pine contains 18 photographs made by the photographer in Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon, in the fall of 2013.  In the exhibition, Adams traces... more »

  • CA+E Gallery

    Erika Harrsch: The Monarch Paradigm – Migration as Metaphor

    through July 26, 2015

    Each fall, about 250 million Monarch butterflies migrate from the United States and Canada to Mexico, where they spend their winter until conditions favor... more »

  • Media Gallery

    smudge studio: Look Only at the Movement

    through July 26, 2015

    Nuclear waste, which ranges from highly radioactive plutonium to materials such as clothing and tools with only low levels of radiation, has been accumulating... more »

  • Donald W. Reynolds Grand Hall

    Andrea Zittel: Wallsprawl

    through August 16, 2015

    Andrea Zittel’s Wallsprawl #4 (Las Vegas, Next to Nellis Air Force Base), is based on a real aerial photograph of a fringe area where... more »

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