Current Exhibitions

Hans Meyer-Kassel: Artist of Nevada

The paintings of Hans Meyer-Kassel (1872-1952) have hung in the castles of kings and the homes of presidents. Still today, decades after his death,... more »

through September 2, 2018

  • John Hawley Olds LaGatta Gallery

    Manet to Maya Lin

    through September 2, 2018

    The Nevada Museum of Art is the largest provider of arts education in the State of Nevada. As such, one of our primary goals... more »

  • Earl and Wanda Casazza Gallery, Small Works Gallery

    Celebrating Israel’s 70th Anniversary: Michal Rovner and Tal Shochat

    through October 28, 2018

    In 2018, the State of Israel marks seventy years since its founding by the United Nations following World War II. For this occasion, the... more »

  • Carol Franc Buck Gallery

    The Nuclear Landscape

    through October 28, 2018

    Nevada’s past and future are closely intertwined with the nuclear history and politics of the United States. Under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department... more »

  • CA+E Research Library and Archives

    Judith Belzer: The Panama Project

    through November 11, 2018

    Painter and Guggenheim Fellow Judith Belzer visited the recently expanded Panama Canal Zone in 2015. Spending time both in Panama City and aboard a... more »

  • Donald W. Reynolds Grand Hall

    Andrea Zittel: Wallsprawl

    through December 31, 2018

    Andrea Zittel’s Wallsprawl #4 (Las Vegas, Next to Nellis Air Force Base), is based on an aerial photograph of the southern Nevada military installation known... more »

  • Ugo Rondinone: Seven Magic Mountains

    through December 31, 2018

    Across the desert south of Las Vegas, Nevada, rises a large, colorful anomaly. Seven colossal stone forms defy gravity with their teetering formations. The... more »

  • Wayne and Miriam Prim Theater Lobby

    Maya Lin: Pin River—Tahoe Watershed

    through December 31, 2018

    For more than two decades Maya Lin (b. 1959) has engaged the vocabulary of a cartographer, making artworks ranging from stand-alone sculptures to room-sized... more »

  • Nightingale Sky Room

    BLOOM: Ken Goldberg, Sanjay Krishnan, Fernanda Viégas, and Martin Wattenberg

    through December 31, 2018

    Bloom is an internet-based Earthwork that transforms cold, hard data into an experience of playfulness and unpredictability. A seismograph measures the Hayward Fault’s movements... more »

  • Feature Gallery North

    The Lasting World: Simon Dinnerstein and The Fulbright Triptych

    through January 6, 2019

    The Lasting World: Simon Dinnerstein and The Fulbright Triptych explores the noted New York artist’s creative arc from early, hyperrealist works through more introspective... more »

  • E. L. Wiegand Gallery

    History of Transportation: A Mural Study by Helen Lundeberg

    through January 6, 2019

    A highlight of the E.L. Wiegand Work Ethic Collection, American artist Helen Lundeberg’s History of Transportation traces a progression of labor from the Native... more »

  • Ina Mae and Raymond Rude Gallery

    Art of the Greater West

    through January 6, 2019

    The Robert S. and Dorothy J. Keyser Art of the Greater West Collection at the Nevada Museum of Art aims to make connections between artistic... more »

  • Newton and Louise Tarble Gallery

    James Turrell: Roden Crater

    through January 27, 2019

    James Turrell is an artist whose media are light and space, and for the last forty years he has been carefully sculpting the cinder... more »

  • Donald W. Reynolds Grand Hall

    Trevor Paglen: Orbital Reflector

    through January 31, 2019

    The fourteen-foot diameter Mylar balloon hanging in the Donald W. Reynolds Grand Hall is a model for a future artwork by contemporary artist Trevor... more »